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Edinburgh: A Never Ending Festival – Doors Open Day!

25 Sep


This month in our series on the sights, events, and culture to enjoy around Edinburgh, we’ve got Edinburgh Doors Open Day 2014! This weekend (27th & 28th September) many of Edinburgh’s fascinating and magical buildings, which are normally closed to the Public will be open to all!

Whether it’s that curious Church at Cannongate, or the reclusive Gardens on Queen Street, I’m sure there’s loads of interesting places across Edinburgh that you might pass by wondering what’s inside. Well this weekend, and only this weekend, loads of historic buildings, gardens, churches, and more will open their doors to the public!

Be sure to take advantage of a chance to see the breathtaking Playfair Library, or weather permitting enjoy a stroll through the pristine Queen’s Street Garden. For the more adventurous of you, a visit to the Arthur Conan Doyle Centre might be of interest where you can find out a bit more about the creator of the captivating character, Sherlock Holmes.

You can find out all about the venues participating in Edinburgh’s Doors Open Day, their opening times, and how to get there by following this link to: Edinburgh Doors Open Day 2014.