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We gathered at KB!

8 Aug

Hello! My name’s Blythe and I’m the new Global Assistant at EUSA Global – I’ve been away from Edinburgh this past year on my year abroad and it’s great to be back, buzzed and busy with all sorts of exciting projects and events for the upcoming year. I study German and Danish, so I can’t wait to get my hands on the Tandem events and see people sharing and learning languages. I’m also bursting with excitement at being a part of the Gather festival this year, showcasing the amazing work going on in Edinburgh by university staff and students as well as the wider community.

This morning, the Gather team made their way to Kings Buildings to chat to some keen beans about running events during next year’s festival. We shared coffee, what happened last year and innovative ideas that the Gathered folk had to offer – it sounds like a really varied and dynamic bunch of events and I can’t wait to see how they develop as we support them in their event planning.

There’s loads of ways for you to be involved too! Click here for more info.

Ciao for now!